aable is building the next generation digital lending platform.

We connect return-seeking capital from global institutional investors with credit demand from underserved borrower segments in emerging and frontier markets.

Our mission

Our business model is inspired by the following mission questions:

What prevents international capital from flowing to borrowers in emerging and frontier markets and foster growth through investments and value-add consumption?

What are effective risk mitigants, efficient processes and structures to create confidence in a lending model that operates in high-growth markets?

How can we build a more flexible credit scoring environment, that allows us to overcome our borrower’s lack of traditional financial history and maximize the predictive power of data to achieve better lending decisions?

What are the precise demands of international investors towards a newly accessible investment class and how can risk-return characteristics and correlations to existing lending markets in Europe and US be harnessed to structure the features that those institutions are looking for?

Our solution

A highly automated, digital lending platform that combines cutting-edge machine learning technology with lending process know how and investment structuring to connect local credit opportunities with international capital markets.

We are establishing operations in Brazil and Rwanda, in order to enter into the Latin American and sub Saharan markets.

AI credit scoring model.
We build holistic risk profiles enriching limited financial transaction history of clients with big data. We use cutting-edge technology to maximize the predictive power of data and expand our product offering to underbanked customer segments.

Efficient distribution through local partnerships.
We follow a white-label lending approach, partnering with local companies that have a large client base and that can add value with additional client data, as well efficient distribution. We are forming long-term partnerships through shared economics and aligned interests.

Lean processes through high degree of automation.
Automation, digital customer touchpoints and convenient options for self-service keep costs low and allow to undercut existing market players.

Our clients are on both sides of the capital markets. One demanding capital for innovative, sustainable generation of investment and consumption, to be repaid from personal income or entrepreneurial success; the other, supplying capital to return-generating investment projects.

In our white-label lending approach, we work with strong local partners, with whom we jointly define sustainable lending practices and share the lending success.

As we held executive positions for investors and for borrowers, our strength is to understand and interpret the cash flow profiles and create contracts, structures, incentive mechanisms and payment streams to intermediate between those capital demands and supplies outside the banking system.

With our deep in-house expertise in data-science and credit risk modelling, we bring the established features of credit finance to new parts of the value chain, widening access to and shrinking costs of financial intermediation, unlocking the potential of credit.

We are a Swiss-based FinTech that combines cutting-edge credit scoring techniques with investment structuring capabilities.

Our mission is to channel capital into credit investment opportunities in high growth markets that create a significant and sustainable economic value. We embrace fair lending practices and abide by highest ethical standards. We are active in Brazil, where we have strong local partners.

Stefan Armonat

Stefan Armonat, PhD
- Managing Partner

Stefan Armonat is a seasoned investment professional working for almost 20 years in credit and what was described as special situations even before the 2007 financial crisis. A German national, his career spans high-profile positions with US and Swiss investment banks, as well as leading the family holding of a global transport and logistics group. Familiar with all asset classes, Stefan boasts a vast experience in originating, executing and advising on real-estate, (distressed) debt investments and illiquid assets. As his career progressed, his role as an independent and trusted advisor led him to another logical decision: He founded his own business some ten years ago and has consistently developed as an entrepreneur. In his latest step, he has joined forces with Silvan Roth to create aable. Having lived in London, Frankfurt and near Zurich for some time, he enjoys writing and reading, history, hiking and at least owning a saxophone.